Supplying  Artwork


Please provide crop marks around all your supplied artwork.

 PDF Files
Our preferred method is for you to supply artwork as PDF files.  Can you please ensure that you supply as:

  •   300dpi resolution
  •   Ensure images are all high resolution
  •   CMYK
  •   Embed any custom/all fonts or outline in the design program 

Adobe Illustrator

Can you please ensure that you supply as:  

  •   High Quality 300ppi for Raster Effects
  •   3mm bleed
  •   CMYK
  •   Convert all fonts to curves/outlines if supplying eps file. Images Embedded
  •   Supply either EPS (above point required) or Adobe PDF.  When saving as PDF ensure you select "High Quality Print" pre-set and also in marks and bleeds select "Use Document Bleed Settings"


3mm bleed

  •   CMYK
  •   Convert all fonts to curves/outlines when supplying InDesign File
  •   Supply either InDesign File (with fonts converted) or Adobe PDF.  When saving as PDF ensure you select "High Quality Print" preset and also in marks and bleeds select "Use Document Bleed Settings" so that bleed gets included in saved PDF

Adobe Photoshop

300dpi resolution

  •   3mm bleed added to the final "canvas" size e.g. A4 finished size is 297x210mm but photoshop "canvas" size is 303x216mm.
  •   CMYK Workspace
  •   Save as a photoshop PDF and select the "High Quality Print" pre-set for the PDF.


Please ensure that you do not supply your files imposed or as "printers pairs". Please only send one version. 

Artwork Bleed

Bleed is a necessary part of printing. When we trim your job, the sheets are stacked and cut in a guillotine in high stacks. The sheets can move by a small amount and it is the bleed that allows us a tolerance when trimming and allows the colours to 'bleed' to the edge on your final piece. If there is no bleed, there is a chance that your finished leaflet/ brochure will have white areas around the pictures and background colours, due to the small movements that can occur on the guillotine.

So if you are doing an A5 (210 x 148mm), when you are preparing your artwork, you will need to add 3mm 'bleed' so you will set it up as 216mm x 154mm - Any colours/ pictures should be placed to the edge of the 210mm x 156mm.

Any text should be kept 4mm in from the final page size (or 7mm in from the bleed size). This is to ensure nothing gets accidentally cut off. 

Microsoft Office Files
 We can work with Office files, but we accept no responsibility if any alterations occur during conversion. Sometimes things move / drop off. It is far better if you convert to PDF as below.

If you wish to convert to PDF before supplying your artwork you can either download a PDF FREE printer at or by a web service:


Please supply a screen shot of your Microsoft document before conversion this can be done by the following:

PC  – There is a "PRINT SCREEN" button on the keyboard

Mac  – Press the "Apple" and "Shift 4" keys, then highlight the area you wish to copy. This saves a PNG copy to your desktop

Colours from any Microsoft programme cannot be guaranteed, as these are not graphic programmes.

Please note that it is important when supplying a PDF from a Microsoft document that care is taken to ensure any spot colours are created correctly in your original document. 


Please ensure that the colour is set to CMYK not RGB.


We do not supply proofs as standard, but if requested we will supply PDF proofs, and if so you must check all proofs carefully. The final responsibility for signing off proofs is yours.

PDF's are not accurate for colour, if colour accuracy is a requirement, then please request a hard copy proof.

 It is your responsibility to check your artwork before sending it to us for printing. All amendments to your artwork are chargeable. After you pass these proofs, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions subsequently noticed. 

Not sure?

If you have any trouble or concerns please call us or e-mail- we are here to help!

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